Texas Right to Life Endorsement

Texas Right to Life

I am so happy to be officially endorsed by Texas Right to Life. Texas Right to Life is the most principled and effective pro-life organization and is dedicated to protecting life from conception to natural death.

I am 100% pro-life, so I am excited to be endorsed by Texas Right to Life. I have watched their work for many years in the Texas Legislature. While other so-called “pro-life” organizations like Texas Alliance for Life (an organization that opposed dismemberment abortion!) are bending principles to have political influence in Austin, Texas Right to Life is standing by their conservative pro-life principles and fighting to protect life, without compromising. I admire their work and look forward to joining their fight in Austin as the next State Representative from House District 23.

This race is about you, the voters and taxpayers. While my opponent is being funded by big insurance and PACs, we have come to you for donations and support. So far, we have knocked on over 6,500 doors and received over 360 individual donations–without a dime coming from lobby groups or PACs. Let’s keep this momentum going!

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