Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Endorsement

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is the premier fiscal watchdog of the taxpayers’ money in the Texas Legislature. I am proud to be endorsed by such a great organization. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility provides an invaluable service to the citizens of our state by monitoring legislation on fiscal issues and holding the Legislature accountable!

I am excited that the conservative, grassroots groups in Texas recognize that my campaign is about standing up for our conservative values of faith, family, free enterprise, and fiscal responsibility.

As a successful small businessman in the oil and gas industry, I know how to do more with less. I can assure the people of Galveston and Chambers Counties that I will come back with a “A” rating after each legislative session. You deserve someone who puts you, the taxpayer, first and fights to make government live within its means. Fiscal responsibility with the taxpayers’ money has been forgotten in our state government, let’s help them remember.

In this coming March 2018 Republican Primary, I would be honored to have your vote and let the state hear all of us standing up for conservative values.

God Bless,


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