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Tuesday, June 6, 2017
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Mayes Middleton Announces his Republican Candidacy for Texas House of Representatives District 23

WALLISVILLE, TEXAS – Mayes Middleton, a conservative Republican businessman, has announced his candidacy for Texas State Representative for House District 23. Middleton said in a statement: “I have spent much of my adult life fighting against the Austin establishment and defending Texans against encroaching property taxes and bigger government. Most politicians trade away their principles in order to be liked and loved by career politicians and special-interest lobbyists, which is always at the expense of what is best for you, the taxpayer and voter.

Galveston and Chambers Counties deserve a conservative, principled representative who will fight for you. That is why I am running, to represent your interests, not lobbyists in Austin. I am running to defend life, liberty, and private property against big government. I am running to secure the border. I am running to put an end to runaway property taxes, that are taxing law-abiding citizens out of their own homes. I am running to make government live within its means and put the taxpayer first. I am running to bring ethics and transparency to all levels of government, from Austin to Galveston and Anahuac. I am running to go fight those who put government first and you second.

My Christian faith and my family, along with your support, will guide me in the district and in Austin. I will always put the citizens of Galveston and Chambers County first, House District 23 belongs to you, not me, or anyone else. I hope to knock on your door, shake your hand, and listen to what you want to see in our state government in the coming months. God bless you, God bless Texas, and God bless Chambers and Galveston Counties.”

Mayes Middleton, along with his wife, Macy, and two sons, Connor and Christian, live in Wallisville, Texas. Mayes is a 7 th generation Chambers County resident and Texan. Mayes is President of Middleton Oil Company, an independent oil and gas company that operates over 65 wells in South Texas and along the Gulf Coast, and is engaged in joint exploration ventures. In addition to his work in the oil and gas industry, Mayes also runs his ranching, cattle, and farming operations in Chambers and surrounding counties. For more information please visit

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Political Advertisement Paid by Middleton for State Representative, J.P. Bryan, Treasurer.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 300
Wallisville, Texas 77597

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