Successful Small Businessman

Mayes is a successful small businessman and has spent the last decade creating jobs all over Texas, including in our district. Mayes is in the oil and gas business and has ranching and farming operations.

Giving Back to the Community

Mayes is one of the most generous, charitable givers in our community. His efforts have rebuilt a church in Chambers County and donated a school in Galveston. Mayes serves on the boards of First Liberty National Bank, Galveston Island Pachyderm Club, and Museum of Chambers County at Wallisville. Mayes also serves as Secretary of the Chambers County Republican Party.

100% Pro-Life – Prioritize Life of Preborn and Family Values

Mayes is 100% pro-life and endorsed by Texas Right to Life. Life is a gift given to us by God. We need to protect our innocent preborn and provide support for mothers before, during, and after their children are born. The Christian principles that our state was founded on have been eroded and need to be restored and protected.

Secure our Border and Enforce Immigration Laws

Texas border security is national security. As a border state, we need to ban sanctuary cities and prosecute elected officials that do not enforce our immigration laws.

Provide Property Tax Relief and Eventual Abolition

Property taxes are spiraling out of control, threatening family homes and businesses. Property owners deserve to pay reasonable rates and shouldn’t be gouged with increases year after year. We need iron-clad limits on property tax growth and meaningful relief, while simultaneously working towards eventual abolition.

Enact Local Debt and Bond Transparency Rules

Runaway property taxes are largely driven by skyrocketing local debt, which is over $350 Billion for Texas. When looking at that on a per-person basis, that number is greater than the federal debt was when Democrat Jimmy Carter was president. In many cases, citizens don’t know what they are voting on (that’s by design) when it comes to bonds and officials can manipulate voting dates and locations to ensure that the bonds pass.

Restore 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

A law abiding citizen should be able to exercise his/her constitutional right to carry a gun. We need to pass a law for constitutional carry, so that he/she doesn’t have to get government permission to exercise that constitutional right.

Expand Education Opportunities and Parental Rights

Our rights as parents come from God, not the government. Parents know best when it comes to the education of their children, so we need to give them opportunities to suit their children’s unique needs, whether that means access to public, private, charter, or homeschooling. To do this, we need to allow state money spent on education to follow the child.

Reform School Finance

Our school finance formulas are a disaster. We must totally start over, including abolishing the Robin Hood redistribution of wealth program and making sure teachers and classrooms come first.

Force Fiscal Responsibility

Just as we run our households, we need to make government live within its means. It’s neither common sense, nor conservative to spend our state’s savings account on regular budget items especially when our state economy is growing. A constitutional spending cap and zero based budgeting would ensure that our monies are being spent more wisely and efficiently.

Defend Religious Liberties

Activist judges are legislating our religious liberties away from the bench and government bureaucrats are backing them up. We need to be aggressive in fighting to ensure that those liberties aren’t lost forever.

Advocate for Free Market Reforms

Free enterprise is the cornerstone of our state’s economic success. That has been forgotten in Austin. Instead, we’ve seen a rise of special interest carve-outs, which have hurt small businesses and resulted in higher costs to consumers.

Fight for Ethics in Government

Why are our taxes funding lobbyists who go to Austin to fight for more taxes? We need to end tax payer funded lobbying where our tax money is being spent to advocate against the best interest of the taxpayer and voter. We also need meaningful and binding ethics rules where nobody can profit off of their elected positions, and we need to stop the unethical legislator-to-lobbyist pipeline, which compromises what’s best for our state.