Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Board Votes For Another Outrageous Premium Hike


Like you, I want Texas to be the most free and prosperous state in the Union. Freedom, hard work, helping your neighbor and endless opportunity have always been the timeless Texas values that make the Lone Star State great. We saw countless examples of Texas values in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We all came together, rolled up our sleeves, and went to work, helping our neighbors to rebuild their lives. Texas institutions should reflect Texas values. It’s time to remind Austin of the values that made Texas great and ensure that our government programs promote freedom and prosperity for all Texans!

The following is a copy of the letter that I sent to Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner, Kent Sullivan.

Commissioner Sullivan:

On behalf of coastal homeowners, business owners, and taxpayers, I am urging you to not approve the 10% rate hike the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) Board recommended (in a 5-4 vote) on July 31, 2018. Since 2008, we have seen residential TWIA rates skyrocket 55.5% (65.5% if this proposed increase is approved). Many can no longer afford to carry insurance because of these rapid and burdensome increases. To put such an unbearable rate increase into perspective, the Consumer Price Index only increased 19.1%  during that same 10 year time period. TWIA was originally intended to be the insurer of last resort, but it has become the de facto insurer of only resort, which is why a 10% increase will be so damaging to homeowners and businesses and, ultimately, hurt private property rights and free enterprise along the Texas Gulf Coast.

I would like to say that all of the rate increases have been spent wisely, but that is not the case. TWIA has wasted millions on attorneys’ fees to fight decade old, legally proven claims from Hurricane Ike. Additional damages and attorneys’ fees aside, Texas City ISD is owed $49.5 million, College of the Mainland $8.9 million, Dickinson $2 million, City of La Marque $5.2 million, City of Santa Fe $2.6 million, Santa Fe ISD $16.3 million, and even $37.2 million for Chambers County and Anahuac ISD. It has also been widely reported that TWIA has been slow to pay, underpaid, or not paid at all on numerous Hurricane Harvey claims. Based on recent history, I am not hopeful that increased premiums will be spent properly. Several Gulf Coast legislators plan on working on TWIA reform legislation in the upcoming 2019 session. If elected in November, I plan on aggressively fighting for TWIA reform, as well. While we would prefer no increases, I urge you to halt all efforts to add to the financial burdens of a community still rebuilding from Hurricane Harvey, and, instead, work with elected Legislators, during the 2019 Legislative Session, to enact meaningful reforms to TWIA and its unsustainable rate hikes.

Galveston and Chambers Counties represent almost 35% of TWIA policies, which is why rejecting this double-digit rate hike is so important to our area, homeownership, and a pro- business environment in our community. Do the right thing and do not add further harm by increasing premiums.

Best regards, Mayes Middleton
Republican Nominee for Texas House District 23

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Endorsement

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is the premier fiscal watchdog of the taxpayers’ money in the Texas Legislature. I am proud to be endorsed by such a great organization. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility provides an invaluable service to the citizens of our state by monitoring legislation on fiscal issues and holding the Legislature accountable!

I am excited that the conservative, grassroots groups in Texas recognize that my campaign is about standing up for our conservative values of faith, family, free enterprise, and fiscal responsibility.

As a successful small businessman in the oil and gas industry, I know how to do more with less. I can assure the people of Galveston and Chambers Counties that I will come back with a “A” rating after each legislative session. You deserve someone who puts you, the taxpayer, first and fights to make government live within its means. Fiscal responsibility with the taxpayers’ money has been forgotten in our state government, let’s help them remember.

In this coming March 2018 Republican Primary, I would be honored to have your vote and let the state hear all of us standing up for conservative values.

God Bless,


Taxpayers With Damaged Homes And Businesses Deserve Property Tax Relief

Property owners affected by devastating natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey, deserve significant and immediate property tax relief. Harvey dumped roughly 27 trillion gallons of water on the communities on the Gulf Coast and the resulting flood tragically claimed lives and left a trail of devastation in thousands of homes and businesses. Harvey’s catastrophic effects are visible almost everywhere; except your property tax bill. No matter how badly your home or business was damaged, you will have to pay property taxes as if there was no damage at all— that is unless local governments choose to ask county appraisal districts to conduct a reappraisal.

It is fundamentally wrong for government to profit off a natural disaster, but that is exactly what happens when there is no reappraisal of disaster-damaged properties and your values are set at January 1, 2017 conditions. The savings from reappraisals is real money back into the pockets of those that have been impacted the most, and need it the most. Galveston County Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson calculated that a reappraisal for a $300,000 home in Dickinson that lost 50% of its value due to flooding would save the taxpayer nearly $1,300. That can help a family get back on their feet!

There have been multiple bills over the years in the Texas Legislature to mandate reappraisal of properties after a natural disaster. Just this year, HB 513 and SB 717, in the regular session, and HB 331, from the recent special session, would have done exactly that for properties which FEMA determined sustained more than 5% damage. None of the bills passed into law, of course, because so many in the legislature are much more worried about keeping government tax collections high, than helping the taxpayers themselves who have lost so much. We all pay enough rent to the government in the form of property taxes, and sadly victims of Harvey’s brutal damage to their homes, businesses, and communities are also victims of the state legislature’s inaction. Join me in, first, calling for local governments to immediately reappraise storm damaged properties, and then demanding that our Texas Legislature change the law to force reappraisal of damaged properties after disasters. As your next State Representative, I will fight to enact mandatory reappraisals and stop government from profiting off taxpayers’ misfortune!

Texas Right to Life Endorsement

Texas Right to Life

I am so happy to be officially endorsed by Texas Right to Life. Texas Right to Life is the most principled and effective pro-life organization and is dedicated to protecting life from conception to natural death.

I am 100% pro-life, so I am excited to be endorsed by Texas Right to Life. I have watched their work for many years in the Texas Legislature. While other so-called “pro-life” organizations like Texas Alliance for Life (an organization that opposed dismemberment abortion!) are bending principles to have political influence in Austin, Texas Right to Life is standing by their conservative pro-life principles and fighting to protect life, without compromising. I admire their work and look forward to joining their fight in Austin as the next State Representative from House District 23.

This race is about you, the voters and taxpayers. While my opponent is being funded by big insurance and PACs, we have come to you for donations and support. So far, we have knocked on over 6,500 doors and received over 360 individual donations–without a dime coming from lobby groups or PACs. Let’s keep this momentum going!

God Bless,


Introducing Matthew Mayes Middleton!

Macy and I are so proud to announce the birth of our newest son, Matthew. He was born September 2, 2017. We were nervous he was going to be born during the hurricane, but God heard our prayers and Macy went into labor the first day the highways cleared so we could get to our hospital in Houston. His brothers are excited to have him home and everyone is doing well.

God Bless,


Mayes Middleton Boasts Over 240 Individual Donors

Tuesday, July 19, 2017
CONTACT: Mayes Middleton
(409) 443-7713
Email: info(at)mayesmiddleton.com

WALLISVILLE, TEXAS – Mayes Middleton, a conservative Republican businessman, has released his first campaign financial report.

Middleton said in a statement: “I am truly humbled by the display of support and enthusiasm for a message of putting liberty into action and bringing power back to the people of Galveston and Chambers Counties. For years, Texas House District 23 has been represented by Austin lobbyists, not you, the taxpayers and voters.”

In less than 30 days, my campaign received contributions from over 240 individuals. And I am proud that none of the money I raised came from political committees or special-interest lobby groups in Austin.

While taxpayers and voters showed up in droves to demand action and support a message of freedom and tax relief, my opponent raised over half of his money from political committees and lobby groups, but only had three in-district donations.

The early take-aways are clear. First, the people of Texas and House District 23 trust an experienced oil and gas businessman who fights to represent them with conservative principles in Austin. Second, the current holder of the House District 23 seat shows, yet again, that he is controlled and funded by Austin special interests, not you, the taxpayers and voters.

Mayes Middleton, along with his wife, Macy, and two sons, Connor and Christian, live in Wallisville, Texas. Mayes is President of Middleton Oil Company, an independent oil and gas company that operates over 65 wells in South Texas and along the Gulf Coast, as well as participating in exploration ventures with other oil and gas companies. In addition to his work in the oil and gas industry, Mayes also runs ranching, cattle, and farming operations in Chambers and surrounding counties. For more information please visit www.mayesmiddleton.com.

# # #

Political Advertisement by Middleton for State Representative, J.P. Bryan, Treasurer.
Mailing address:
PO Box 300
Wallisville, Texas 77597

Mayes Running for State Rep!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017
CONTACT: Mayes Middleton
(409) 443-7713
Email: info(at)mayesmiddleton.com

Mayes Middleton Announces his Republican Candidacy for Texas House of Representatives District 23

WALLISVILLE, TEXAS – Mayes Middleton, a conservative Republican businessman, has announced his candidacy for Texas State Representative for House District 23. Middleton said in a statement: “I have spent much of my adult life fighting against the Austin establishment and defending Texans against encroaching property taxes and bigger government. Most politicians trade away their principles in order to be liked and loved by career politicians and special-interest lobbyists, which is always at the expense of what is best for you, the taxpayer and voter.

Galveston and Chambers Counties deserve a conservative, principled representative who will fight for you. That is why I am running, to represent your interests, not lobbyists in Austin. I am running to defend life, liberty, and private property against big government. I am running to secure the border. I am running to put an end to runaway property taxes, that are taxing law-abiding citizens out of their own homes. I am running to make government live within its means and put the taxpayer first. I am running to bring ethics and transparency to all levels of government, from Austin to Galveston and Anahuac. I am running to go fight those who put government first and you second.

My Christian faith and my family, along with your support, will guide me in the district and in Austin. I will always put the citizens of Galveston and Chambers County first, House District 23 belongs to you, not me, or anyone else. I hope to knock on your door, shake your hand, and listen to what you want to see in our state government in the coming months. God bless you, God bless Texas, and God bless Chambers and Galveston Counties.”

Mayes Middleton, along with his wife, Macy, and two sons, Connor and Christian, live in Wallisville, Texas. Mayes is a 7 th generation Chambers County resident and Texan. Mayes is President of Middleton Oil Company, an independent oil and gas company that operates over 65 wells in South Texas and along the Gulf Coast, and is engaged in joint exploration ventures. In addition to his work in the oil and gas industry, Mayes also runs his ranching, cattle, and farming operations in Chambers and surrounding counties. For more information please visit www.mayesmiddleton.com.

# # #

Political Advertisement Paid by Middleton for State Representative, J.P. Bryan, Treasurer.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 300
Wallisville, Texas 77597

Appointment to IOGCC Committee

In May 2017,  Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian appointed Mayes to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee. Oil and gas is a critical economic component of our great nation. The IOGCC promotes and works to advance oil and gas production in America.

More About the IOGCC

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission is a multi-state government agency that is passionate about advancing the quality of life for all Americans. However, without energy, the quality of life we enjoy today would not exist. That’s why the Commission works to ensure our nation’s oil and natural gas resources are conserved and maximized while protecting health, safety and the environment.

It’s no secret that American energy is the most valuable to our nation. The responsible development of our own resources not only strengthens our economy by creating and maintaining jobs, but also lessens our dependence on foreign resources, making oil and natural gas more affordable for consumers.

The IOGCC advocates for environmentally-sound ways to increase the supply of American energy. We accomplish this by providing governors of member states with a clear and unified voice to Congress, while also serving as the authority on issues surrounding these vital resources.

The Commission also assists states in balancing a multitude of interests through sound regulatory practices. Our unique structure offers a highly effective forum for states, industry, Congress and the environmental community to share information and viewpoints to advance our nation’s energy future. We stand dedicated to securing resources needed to ensure our nation’s energy, economic and national security.

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